My Dad is a Magical Girl

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Current Status: Hiatus [Finishing the script] Warning: Body Horror / Monstrous Forms / Spiders

Tori has been protecting the city for a few years as a magical girl, but one fateful night she’s been caught in the act by her father, Terry. Follow the tale of father-daughter struggles and budding friendships as they try to understand what is exactly going on with the monsters attacking the city.!







Previously known as ‘Entanglement’
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Iotera is a universe featuring many stories and characters. It’s original form started March 13th, 2010 and has undergone massive changes – for the better. After a webcomic start, I’ve finally decided what I want to do with the story. So with the construction, Iotera is on Hiatus. All progress on it can be found in my Discord and for my backers on Patreon!