I have been working commissions for customers over a decade now. I ensure fast service, typically only 2 weeks or less depending on my work load. So look around, check things out, and if you like it feel to contact me if you have questions. If you’re ready to order, head on over to the shop~!


Occasionally I do promotions. If any are going on, this will be the box to check out! These will usually have deadlines, so be sure to double check things!

The Backer Initiative
Deadline: TBD

All my backers on Patreon get commission discounts. There’s also some pledge tiers specifically catered to my commissions, including being the only place to order fully shaded illustrations. Backers also get weekly request art, access to my Patreon Discord for WIPs ($5+), first access to Commission slots with priority.

Coupon Codes:
$1: 10% Off
$5: 20% Off
$10: 30% Off
$25: 40% Off
$50: 50% Off

Coupon Codes are released monthly and stored for up to a year.
Coupon Codes are exclusive to their tiers (So a $10 doesn’t get the 30% off and the tiers below it).
Coupon Codes can stack to equal out a max of 50% when you place your order.
Tiers $25+$50 Get a commission monthly already, coupon code goes for additional commissions.

These are just the commission related perks. Be sure to check out my patreon for everything backers get, and please consider supporting me!


Regular Commissions


+ Additional Characters are 50% of the overall price for each character. +
+ Extensively detailed orders may have additional charges, please contact for quote +


Will Do Won’t Do Needs Practice
Open to trying anything, ask! Cub/Pedo Fetishes Mecha
SFW/NSFW/Fetish Friendly Bodily Waste Fetishes Animals
LGBTQ+ Friendly Beastiality Detailed Backgrounds

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