About Shinavar

I am a self-taught artist of over two decades while serving customers with commissions for nearing a decade. My personal interests tend to vary from character interaction with a constant desire to learn and dabble in a little bit of everything. I adore world-building and development and learning more than anyone ever needs to know about physics and science. Math is also fun and I’ll stand by myself in that camp.

I am working to live my dream job of telling stories. My art plays an important role in making that dream a reality (as comics take a good bit of both). I plan to continue to strive to succeed, as my only real goal is to be able to support my family on my income alone. Everything else from there is a bonus.

Do It For Them

These are my babies that may be referenced in my work. They are my world and good fuel to why I work as hard as I do in any given situation.

Lexi Loo: Born: December 8th | The perfect tornado of chaos. She is a bright, intelligent little diva with a heart of gold that is going to see some pretty upsetting times with how much she wears it on her sleeve. Adores cooking, crafting, and especially sciences like chemistry. She’s been learning how to play games and adores making friends and spending time together, though she can be quite bossy and have a hard time sharing the spotlight.



Hades: Born: April 4th 2011 / Black with a white locket on chest | An adoption from an old family friend as a kitten, Hades is a 20lbs+ heavyweight champion of done-with-you-before-you-got-here. He was adopted to be raised with Lexi, and because of that, she is the only one he tolerates to pick him up or use him as a pillow at times. The old man of the house who does not like change, but enjoys eating my phone when I’m on it and he can reach. God forbid my soul if mealtime is late.

Persephone “Seffy”: Born: February 7th 2016 / Tortoiseshell with Harlequin face | Adopted from neighbors who didn’t actually like cats, I kept finding her under my cars and in my tree before I finally took her in in the summer of ’16. Ball of energy and a mighty hunter, she keeps the house free of flying pests. She is also the only cat who will willingly play with Ollie.


Teya: Born: October 2nd 2016 / White Labrador + Great Pyranese | Adopted from the shelter after having been abandoned on the back roads, her sole existence has been to just lay around and somehow get 3 inches of never-ending shedding fur in places she’s too big to even get near. Perfect cuddle buddy, but moonlights as a mighty hunter in keeping bugs out of our back yard. She doesn’t know how to ‘dog’ very well but she’s great at being a cat and using her 90lbs of weight to cheat and win at any wrestling or tug of war.

Ollie: Born: December 19th 2015 / Border Collie + Saluki | We met Ollie at the dog park while he was being trained. I fell in love with the dorky, graceful gazelle, but he came with a few hiccups. He was a service dog flown in from Saudi Arabia, he wasn’t handled appropriately and eventually his intelligence and restless energy began to cost his owner and he was surrendered to a bad shelter that wound up getting him his scars, and a strong fear of dominant, unfixed males with an unhealthy dose of food aggression. He had been rescued by the rescue group the trainer worked with, and he has since adjusted to life with us after a lot of work. He is a Disney Princess who adores being groomed, being a brat and stealing toys to play keep away, jumping 12ft fences, and running around at 40mph when he has the legroom.


  • “Can I repost your work?”
    • No, please do not do that.
  • “Can I color your work?”
    • I only allow patrons/backers to color specific work of mine if they would like, or those who have commissioned me can color the line works I have provided them so long as they link back with proper credit. No one else has that permission.
  • “Can I use you for reference?”
    • I’m fine with anyone learning, but if you are heavily referencing me please be sure to properly credit your sources (as one should with anything!).
  • “I have a question not on here?”
    • Feel free to contact me and I will help the best I can!